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About CQ Health Assess.

CQ Health Assess evolved due to requests from businesses who were undertaking annual Influenza immunisation through CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation, for our company to offer various health assessment programs that would assist Workplace Health & Safety Officers support best practice in their workplaces.  It was evident that the market lacked a mobile service that would provide this service to business regardless of the industry involved.

The CQ Nurse team recruits nursing staff with many and varied skills, and places nurses across public and private health services across Australia.  Utilizing this massive skilled database in supporting best practice in Workplace Health seemed a natural progression.

Whilst Workplace Health & Safety holds an integral responsibility in ensuring worker safety related to risk created by the actual performance of duties, we at CQ Health Assess believe that proactivity in ‘workstyle’ health best practice will have enormous benefit for both the employee and employer.

Contact CQ Health Assess Co-ordinator now, to discuss how CQ Health Assess can partner with you in the empowerment of improved health and well being in the workplace.


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