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You spend a good deal of your life at work;  you need to enjoy what you do, feel that you are achieving something worthwhile and feel valued for that contribution.  Does that keep us emotionally, mentally and physically healthy for life?  Unfortunately, NO.  If you are not sure whether your lifestyle / workstyle is having a negative effect on you – take the CQ Health Assess mini health check challenge.

We have to recognize that the nature of our ‘workstyle’ & lifestyle may impact on our well being, and make some small changes to adjust to living healthily in this century.   And we all have to take responsibility for making these changes.  As an employee, you can take ownership for better health in your workplace – direct your employer through to the CQ Health Assess Co-ordinator for information to provide assistance to individuals or groups within your workplace. 

Start a trend…  improve the culture…  your employer will recognize the benefit to the workplace and assist you in implementing change.  For the WHSO in your workplace, who is valued in their capacity in being able to take a proactive approach to the health and well being of all employees – Contact CQ Health Assess.


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