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Do you need your workplace to hum? Can you afford to have employees away from the workplace? Do you believe that the workplace culture of optimizing health for all will bring you greater productivity and increased profit? Well… we are all on the same page!

By focusing on a culture of workplace assessment, education and motivation to support individuals to improve their health, your company can achieve improved productivity, greater morale and in turn, increased profits. Sound too easy – well it is!

Did you Know?

‘Employers who introduce health promotion to their workplaces can:

Reduce employee health risks by up to 56 per cent, at a rate of 10 per cent each year.
Significantly reduce the cost of absenteeism. Absenteeism is estimated to cost Australian employers 2% of GDP based on an absence rate of 2.5%.
Address the obesity epidemic. Some 3.2 million Australians are clinically obese and are costing $3.8 billion in lost productivity and direct health costs. Significant proportions are men.‘

Source: Wesley Corporate Health report (2006)

Our services to workplaces include:

Minor Cardiac Screen: This screen includes blood pressure measurement, body mass index (weight and height) and waist measurement. Included is education regarding cardiac risk factors and reduction of these risks for cardiac and general health.

Intermediate Cardiac Screen: This screen includes all components of the Minor Cardiac Screen as well as a random blood sugar level, AUSDRISK Assessment, Random Cholesterol Screen. Education relating to methods to reduce the risk factors of diabetes and heart disease is also included.

Major Cardiac Screen: This screen includes all components of the Intermediate Cardiac Screen and also includes an ECG (tracing of electrical activity of the heart), oxygen saturation and urine screen. Education relating to methods to reduce the risk factors of diabetes and heart disease is also included.

Diabetes Risk Assessment: Includes AUSDRISK Assessment, waist measurement, random blood sugar level measurement and education regarding risk factors for diabetes and ways to reduce these risk factors. We can also tailor a package to meet your workplace needs. All screening and assessments are carried out by our qualified Registered Nurses. These screens can occur at your work places or at our facility at 239 Nebo Road, Mackay, 4740. We can organise times to suit your needs.

Education: We offer a wide variety of education programs for employers and their employees. These education packages can be presented either in a group session with a qualified educator, on line or in a webinar format. We can tailor education packages to meet your needs. We also offer life style modification programs that can be tailored to meet the requirements of your staff.

Interactive Health Survey: The Interactive Health survey, will raise awareness, educate and motivate people to change unhealthy habits in their lifestyle. It can draw attention to health issues that have been previously ignored and motivate them to take action to reduce risk.

Online Education Modules: can educate staff and aid reducing risk factors for chronic disease. Education modules include topics such as diabetes, diet, exercise, office ergonomics, managing fatigue, minimising infection in the workplace, heart disease, drug and alcohol, mental health and much more.


Register your interest in receiving more information from the CQ Health Assess Co-ordinator; allow us to discuss your workplace specifics and tailor a program to suit your workplace needs. Or choose from some options on the CQ Health Assess Menu, as a starting point to deliver change.


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