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Health Education in the Workplace

Your workplace may have ‘taken the test’, and now would like to take the opportunity to address some of the health concerns uncovered.  CQ Health Assess can provide health education and motivation on various topics to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the workers in your business.

This can be offered as a package;  Contact the CQ Health Assess Co-ordinator to achieve the best fit for your workplace.

Some topics covered include:

- Mental Health Awareness
- Stayin’ Alive (from head to toe…)
- Ergonomic Environment
- Lad’s Biz
- Chick’s Biz
- Drug's and Alcohol
- Sunlover
- Fatigue

Quick & Easy Modules!

Each of these modules are made up of ~ 10minute ‘bite size’ chews of information to have the greatest impact on learning.  These modules can be delivered by various methods including on-line or face to face – whatever works for your environment and the learning styles of your employees.

The training will be delivered by a CQ Nurse employee with the most relevant experience in the area that you wish to have covered.  Some of the training material has been authored by an expert with that area;  training will be provided in conjunction with that expert.

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